Parkway Playhouse has always been a teaching theatre, mentoring college students and incorporating local youth in their productions. But now, more than ever, the Parkway Playhouse is committed to providing arts education programs tailored to specific ages and experience levels. So, there is something for everyone!

Parkway Playhouse Junior is a theatre arts education program for preschool through high school students. Students work together creatively to make compelling and imaginative choices both onstage and behind the scenes. Instructors encourage budding performers to reflect on the world in inventive ways through movement, song, props, and all aspects of theatre. Students form lasting friendships, learn well-rounded technique, and develop a deep appreciation for the performing arts in a fun, nurturing environment. The award-winning program and nationally recognized instruction serves to prepare students for the future by developing collaboration skills, confidence, and creativity. This coming fall, we will begin a new path for the junior—a conservatory experience.