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Under the direction of Kristen Donelle Livengood, Get the Hook is a troupe of teens who are no strangers to the script and demonstrate what they can do OFF-BOOK. They will keep you laughing as they play high energy games based on suggestions from you—the audience.

In Vaudeville terms, Get the Hook means: To be such a bad performer that you are dragged offstage mid-performance by the stage manager, using a long hook like a shepherd’s crook. Parkway Playhouse’s Get the Hook leaves the crook backstage.

One of the great things about being in the Hook is that once a year, troupe members attend the NC Comedy Arts Festival, a weekend event that brings improvisors together to teach the next generation of performers and to expose what comedy, as an art form, can make possible.

Kristen Donelle Livengood

Troupe Members and Alumni:
MJ Bellington
Elijah Briggs
Olivia Hughes
Zachariah Malas
Brooks Murphy
Jack Weinmeister

Levi Bradford
Avery Farmer
Aneka Happer
Spencer Moore
Olivia Morgan
Paloma Soto
Hana Stella


Friday December 1
Saturday December 2

Parkway Playhouse

Tickets ($5) available at the door