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Under the direction of Kristen Donelle Livengood, Get the Hook is a troupe of teens who are no strangers to the script and demonstrate what they can do OFF-BOOK. They will keep you laughing as they play high energy games based on suggestions from you—the audience.

In Vaudeville terms, Get the Hook means: To be such a bad performer that you are dragged offstage mid-performance by the stage manager, using a long hook like a shepherd’s crook. Parkway Playhouse’s Get the Hook leaves the crook backstage.

One of the great things about being in the Hook is that once a year, troupe members attend the New South Comedy Festival, a weekend event that brings improvisors together to expose what comedy, as an art form, can make possible.

Director:  Kristen Donelle Livengood

Troupe Members:

MJ Bellington
Gabe Boone
Leif Cedergren
Rigel Happer
Jeremy Heidenfelder
Evelyn Kline
Zachariah Malas
Brooks Murphy


Check back for show announcements

Admission is a $5 suggested donation and all proceeds will benefit troupe members attending the New South Comedy Festival.