Kristen Livengood, Managing Director, Parkway Playhouse
Managing Director

Kristen Livengood

Kristen Donelle Livengood is the Parkway Playhouse Managing Director. She is also the Creator and Director of Get the Hook, Parkway Playhouse’s teen improv comedy troupe. Kristen enjoys teaching acting and improvisational comedy to students of all ages. Other interests include acting, improvisational comedy, singing, dancing, directing, and writing. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
“I knew that I was interested in performances when, as a young child I could become completely engrossed by someone singing on television. I discovered I was passionate about theatre when I saw The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek for a class credit in college and was rendered so speechless after seeing what theatre could be, that I changed my major the next week. I’ve been obsessed ever since.” She lives in Asheville with her husband.


Chelsea Thayer, interim Director of Education, Parkway PlayhougDirector of Education
Chelsea Wilson Thayer

Chelsea Wilson Thayer is the interim Director of Education at Parkway Playhouse. “I consider myself both a teacher and an artist. Having completed my Masters’ degree at New York University in Educational Theater and having trained in London and Ireland with the foremost experts in the field I feel confident in my ability to use theater as a tool to both educate and engage students while enriching their lives. I believe in theater—its’ ability to transform a community, its’ power to enlighten and redefine. I believe my passion for the art form is apparent in my work.” She, her husband, Bryan, and three children live in Bakersville.


Bruce Chuvala, Set Designer/Shop Manager, Parkway PlayhouseScenic Designer
Bruce Chuvala

A man of few words, but diligent action.


Graphic Designer
Britt Kaufmann

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