A Good Day Written and Directed by Kristen Livengood Choreography by Collin Eten


Open Auditions: May 8, 2021 10am-3pm
Company Meeting/1st Rehearsal: May 10, 2021 at 6pm
First Tech: May 31, 2021
Performance Dates: June 5, 6, 12 & 13, 2021
*Performance Times: Every 30 minutes. Saturdays 11am-6pm. Sundays 1pm-6pm (This outdoor performance has a very irregular schedule. Please take that into consideration prior to auditioning.)
Rain Dates: June 19 & 20, 2021

Life is full of moments that define us. A Good Day follows ten relationships that experience a life-changing moment. In this outdoor walking experience, audience members follow one scene to the next and witness uplifting moments in the lives of strangers.

AUDITOR(S): Kristen Livengood (Director), Collin Eten (Choreographer)

6 male, 8 female, 4 girls (12-17), 3 boys (12-17), 6 dancers

ALI (13-14): Ben’s younger sister. Just moved to town after parents decided to split.

BEN (16-17): Ali’s older brother. Just moved to town after parents decided to split.

ALAN (16-17): Ben’s new friend from school. Is known to be a bit of a bully.

SHAYNA (20s-30s): An activist. Wants to make the world a better place. Truly wants to help people. DAVID (40s-60s): A loyal, hard worker who just lost his job.

SAM (20s): Grace’s ex boyfriend from high school. A romantic who never really got over Grace.

GRACE (20s): Sam’s ex girlfriend from high school. A planner whose life hasn’t gone as planned.

LYDIA (20s): Debra’s daughter. A straight A student who strives for excellence. Planning for the GRE.

DEBRA (40s): Lydia’s mom. Always just a little distracted because she has a million things on her plate.

RACHEL (20s-30s): Has been living in LA and got stuck there during the pandemic. Is home for the first time. This is a dancing role.

GAVIN (20s-30s): Is waiting to see his best friend, Rachel, who was stuck in LA for over a year during the pandemic. This is a dancing role.

BETH (13-15): A high school student who tends to be shy. Hasn’t completely embraced the changes that come with growing up.

SARAH (13-15): A high school student who is beginning to grow up and finds it all new and exciting.

MATT (16-17): A high school student who is getting ready for the life adventures of college and beyond. Is a bit of a fearful dreamer, but ready to overcome any obstacles. Actor must be able to play guitar and sing.

EMMA (14-16): A high school student who tends to hide amongst the popular group and does not believe she has anything special to offer. Thinks she’s average and not much of a dreamer. This is a singing role.

CHERYL (55-65): A fun, life-loving lady who has a great group of friends. Stays very active socially.

ANN (55-65): Known among her friends to be a little bit wild. Recently welcomed her first grandbaby into the family.

DEAN (20s-30s): Has been dating Shawn for just shy of a year. He is level headed and wants to be able to provide for Shawn.

SHAWN (20s-30s): Has been dating Dean for just shy of a year. He is an anxious person who tends to overthink things.

ERIC (50s): Julia’s husband. He is an outgoing person who likes to stay social and enjoy himself. Both of his children are now away at college.

JULIA (50s): Eric’s wife. She really embraces her role as a mother. Both of her children are now away at college.

Professional actors should be prepared to present a monologue and have a headshot/resume that details their credentials. All actors should be prepared to read from the script. Actors auditioning for the role of Emma should be prepared to sing 32 bars of a song acapella. Actors auditioning for the role of Matt should be prepared to accompany themselves singing 32 bars of a song, on guitar. Actors submitting themselves as a dancer should be prepared to participate in a dance audition.

COVID audition procedure: Masks are required and temperatures will be taken at auditions. Auditions will be held on our main stage and you will be permitted to take off your mask to audition when standing in a designated area.

Rehearsals will be held at Parkway Playhouse, located at 202 Green Mountain Drive. Performances will be at TBD. Any/all known conflicts should be disclosed prior to or at auditions and confirmed at the first company meeting.

Additional calls for the purposes of costume fittings, research, PR, and other issues pertaining to production will be scheduled as needed by the Production Manager/Stage Management.

(Cast’s availability will be taken into consideration.) Mondays-Thursdays 5:00pm
Saturdays 10am
Sundays 1pm

Tech Week – Monday-Friday 6pm

Actors who present a professional audition and meet the associated criteria will be paid a modest stipend.

ASAP via email or phone call no later than May 9. Due to time constraints the theatre will only notify those persons we intend to cast.