At Parkway Playhouse, we firmly believe in equity, inclusion, and the power of social change. We are standing in solidarity with the black community and will support the movement for racial equity.

Our words are sincere; they are from the heart. To change the situation we have to move from words to action. What can we do as a theater to address racism and move us toward racial equity? While only a beginning, some of those actions are:

1. To present content that focuses on diversity, and have meaningful community discussions about the content of each.
2. Diversify the board: right now the board is not racially diverse. We know that needs to change and will work to bring people of color on to the board.
3. Talking with black members of our community about what they see as actions we specifically could pursue. This is part of the philosophy that says, “nothing about us, without us”.


Black art matters. Black voices matter. Black lives matter.