James and the Giant Peach, Jr. opens this Friday. Here are a few words from the cast and a sneak peach, uh–peek!

Front: Hana, Jonah, Turner, Samarie, Olivia Back: Leif, Liza
What number are you most excited to perform? Why?

“Plump and Juicy” because it’s a combination of fun, hilarious, and energetic dance moves and I think the whole crowd will enjoy the number a lot. (Turner Weinmeister, James)

Plump and Juicy
How have you grown as an actor during this particular show?

My confidence has grown immensely throughout the rehearsal process. I have been able to be completely confident in my creative choices without worrying if I “look good.” It has been such a freeing feeling to be able to really let loose to develop my character so well. (Olivia Morgan, Spiker)

Olivia as Spiker
How is this show different from other shows Parkway Playhouse Junior has done?

From what I’ve done so far, this show has A LOT more vigorous dances. But, of course, it has been a great experience. (Sherri Osborne, Lucille Van Kooglestein)

What was your favorite part of the whole process?

Learning “Property of Spiker and Sponge.” (Eli North, Joe)

Eli (far left) and Sherri (far right)
What do you think the audience’s favourite part will be?

I think the best part will be the scene where the song “Money on the Tree” is performed. I think the whole play is great! Don’t forget to wish us luck when we compete at Junior Theatre Festival. (Leif Cedegren, Mr. Trotter/Bobby-Bobby-Cop)

See you at the show! Friday & Saturday night at 7:30. Tickets available at the door.z-jonah


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