Parkway Playhouse is the community’s theatre—we are a strong part of the community of Burnsville. Our productions are performed by professional actors and talented volunteers. And although most of the stories come from around the globe, most of the actors come from within the 2-3 surrounding counties.The folks who make it all happen from our own backyards—high school apprentices who get first hand knowledge of the theatre by getting their hands dirty; college interns who are serious about their commitment to live theatre on or behind the stage; and volunteers who show up, pitch just for the love of the theatre. All of them know the importance of theatre arts, especially in a small rural town. And all work together to keep it going. Whether you want to audition for a production, apply for a position, volunteer behind the scenes (or in front), gain a little more real theatre experience, Parkway Playhouse is just around the corner.

We couldn’t do it without your help and dedication. And we thank you.