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Your donations directly support paying our artists and staff a fair wage, programming such as our Junior Program and our Appalachian Playwriting Festival, maintenance for our historic building, production costs, and a growing arts community here in Burnsville.

Monthly Giving

Monthly donations help us immensely as these types of donations ensure we have aid throughout the year. Give as much or as little as you’re able to, every dollar counts! Simply choose your donation amount and select your donation frequency when you donate by clicking the button below.

Qualified Charitable Distributions

Are you an IRA owner of 70 1/2 years of age or older? You can contribute up to $100,000 each year from your IRA directly to a charity like Parkway Playhouse without having to pay income taxes on the distribution. Contact your IRA trustee to find out more and set up your donation.

Leave a Legacy

Leaving a planned gift to Parkway Playhouse will help us grow towards our second century. Planned Giving allows you to choose how your gifts will be used. You may elect to have your planned gift go towards a number of different funds such as The Parkway Playhouse Junior Scholarship Fund, our Appalachian Playwriting Festival Fund, our Capital Improvement Fund.

Examples of planned gifts include leaving a bequest to Parkway Playhouse in your will or living trust, naming Parkway Playhouse as a beneficiary of your retirement assets, and naming Parkway Playhouse as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Possible assets might include stocks, mutual fund shares, and bonds.

The following information may be helpful to you, your attorney, or your financial advisor when planning your gift to Parkway Playhouse.

Legal Name: Parkway Playhouse of Burnsville, Inc.
Address: PO Box 1432, Burnsville, NC 28714
Phone: 828-682-4285
Tax ID Number: 56-0858217
Nonprofit Status: 501(c)(3) established on January 10, 1968

Thank You to Our 2023 Donors

Our updated donor list will be released soon!

In Loving Memory of Julius Polgar

Michael Barikman
Ric Cedergren and Susan Fish-Cedergren
Jeffrey Polgar
Brent and Joanie Skidmore
Carole Honeycutt

Benefactor of the Arts ($2,500+)

Warren and Larissa Bare
Bill and Claire Wygand
Carolyn Munro Wilson

Sustainer of the Arts ($1,000-$2,499)

Al and Sally Folcher
Steve and Amanda North
Charles Cloak
Ann and Steve Hoyt
Robert Proffitt
Wanda Proffitt
Susan Martin
Jamie McMahan

Supporter of the Arts ($500-$999)

The Bueno Family
Gregg and Meri Stella
Patricia Bennett
Lawrence and Jayne Ellen Hunt
Kate Meth
Ellen and Bert Denker
Deb and Jerry d’Aquin
Valerie and Glen Stancik
Ron and Minnie Powell
Jill and Dale Austin

Contributor of the Arts ($200-$499)

Appalachian Drywall Systems
Ric Cedergren and Susan Fish-Cedergren
Peter and Betty Wittenberg
David and Susan Larson
Dennis and Tina Matelski
Danny and Sharon McIntosh
Myrna Stephens
Jeff and Susan Osborne
Jeffrey and Peggy Morrill
Sue and Mark Bayliff
John Ester
Paula Geigle
George Lange
Gerald and Gayle Foret
Irene Coletta
Jeff and Susan Osborne
Art and Nova Smoker
Chad Smoker and Britt Kaufman
Beth and Todd Gatts
Forrest and Sabra Westall

Friend of the Arts ($50-$199)

Tom and Irmgard Thornton
Rick and Julia Tipton
Blaine and Cynthia Greenfield
Cynthia Bringle
Juanita Brown and David Isaacs
Jerry and Marilyn Cade
Nichole Chigoy
Merrick and Suzanne Kalan
Charles and Becky Gillespie
Jeff and Lynne Johnson
Gay and Jim Howard
Arnold and Bernice Green
Martha Sue Mathewson-Price
Ted and Marilyn Lucien
Susan McDaniel
Rose and Richard Jr. Mixon
Hanni Mueder
Cynthia Sciacca
Jimmy and Virginia Ray
Olivier Calas
Katherine Soderquist
Betty and Earl Young