Parkway Playhouse would not exist as it does today without volunteer involvement. You are an essential component of our theater. Our shows transport our patrons to another world, offering them an escape from their everyday life, but we cannot create these magical productions without your help.

Parkway has a dedicated staff, small in number but awesome in ability, that provides the guidance we need for the Guild, our new volunteering program. Countless opportunities are available: concessions, production support for opening night and dress rehearsals, transportation, grounds maintenance, set construction, costumes, props, sewing, technology, and Parkway Playhouse Junior support. The list goes on and on.

Whether you have just two hours or fifty hours during our season, we need you as a member of our newly formed Guild, set up to make your support easy and to fit your busy schedules. You choose how much time you have to spend. By becoming a member of the Guild, you make the continued success of the Playhouse a reality, and you get great incentives like a free ticket for every nine hours you volunteer. The biggest bonus is the family you’ll be joining and the fun and satisfaction you’ll get working with your new friends.

Two of the most important volunteer opportunities are the spring and fall cleanups (for kids ages 12+). We take Parkway off the blocks and make it ready for another season; in the fall, we drain the fluids and get it ready for winter. It’s one day of absolute fun. Make new friends while sweeping, wiping, pulling weeds, painting, turning on and turning off. Spring and Fall clean ups are 10 to 2 (coffee provided). Wear clothes that can get dirtied (they will). Activities range from landscaping and yard work to storing costumes, props, and scenery; from cleaning, maintenance to repairs throughout the building. It is a great way to explore and learn about one of Burnsville’s most iconic landmarks and cultural attractions, as volunteers will be working in every area of the building inside and out. You’ll meet new people, make new friends…AND

Participants who volunteer for nine hours will get a complimentary ticket.

Got a question? Need more information? Just email us.

We so appreciate your support.